The list below are colleges, universities, institutes, schools, and seminaries that reflect a conservative stand. Most of the schools listed below are Baptist and some are not. Most are in Mexico. A few are in other countries.

Academia Cristiana Del Aire

Centro de Estudios Teológicos y Ministeriales

Pachuca, Mexico

Chiapas Baptist Bible Institute

Tuxla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, Mexico

Colegio Bautista Fundamental Monte Sion

Xalpa, Mexico

Colegio Bíblico Bautista de Estudios Superiores

Colegio Puerta Abierta de Tijuana

Tijuana, Mexico

Colegio Universitario Bautista de La Fe

Greenville, South Carolina

Editorial Bautista Independiente ( Español ) ( Ingles )

Theological Curriculum
TEE Courses
University Level Courses


Colegio Potesino Maranata
Colegio Biblico Bautista de Estudios de San Luis Potosi
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IBM (Instituto Bautista Manantial)

We have been giving classes for 31 years and are located in a remote village of the Sierra Madre mountains. We offer 4 years of training, both Biblical and practical. You can contact Rick Shields by phone 844 102 4514 (mx) or 956 358 3147 (us) or This facebook site is not for the Bible Institute but a related ministry.

Instituto Bautista Biblico Monte Hebron

Santiago, Nuevo León, Mexico

Instituto Biblico Bautista

Cd. Monte, Mexico

Instituto Bíblico de BBN En Línea Gratis

Instituto Bíblico Manantial

San Antonio de las Alazanas, Coahuila, Mexico

Instituto Práctico Ebenezer y Seminario
Ebenezer Practical Institute and Seminary
Hermosillo, Mexico

MGM International

Instituto Práctico Ebenezer y Seminario or

Ebenezer Practical Institute and Seminary is part of this ministry.

Mount Hebron Baptist Bible Institute

Palabra de Vida Instituto Biblico - Querétaro, México


Oremundo in Línea

Puerto Rico Baptist College

Seminario Bíblico Río Grande
Rio Grande Bible College


Seminario Bautista Nueva Vida

Seminario Bautista Trinidad
parte de Frontier Baptist Missions

Seminario Bautista del Peru


Seminario Evangelico Bautista Independiente del Cusco

Cusco Evangelical Independent Baptist Seminaryélico-Bautista-Independiente-Del-Cusco-220138605057403/

Universidad Cristiana de las Americas
Cd. Guadalupe, Mexico
Monterrrey, Mexico Metropolitan area

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