Christian Academy of the Air

They have two courses on the basic level which are 5 and 8 dollars each. They have one intermediate level course which is 12 dollars.
They have nineteen advanced level courses.
For each course, there is a test that is given.
At present, the books for the advanced courses are around 16 dollars each, which does not include shipping.
They give discounts for some people. There are donations given so the prices will be less for some people.
They are working on putting the courses online or digitized.
This will allow for the lowering of the prices for the courses.
They have courses on the life of Jesus, the Old Testament, New Testament, doctrine of God, doctrine of angels, doctrine of sin and salvation, doctrine of the Holy Spirit and the church, doctrine of the last times, and the acts of the apostles. There are also courses on Romans, Corinthians, Hebrews, Book of Revelation, Christian education, personal Biblical ethics, personal evangelism, Biblical geography, and a book for pastors.

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